What STDs can you get from oral sex?

All STIs infect the genital area. Most of them can also infect the mouth and throat if they are transmitted through unprotected oral sex. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can infect the throat, causing soreness. Syphilis sores can appear on the inside of the mouth. High risk strains of HPV have been linked to mouth and throat cancer. Herpes can cross transmit between the genitals and the mouth, so it’s possible to get Herpes Type II on the mouth or Type I on the genitalia. Hepatitis A is only transmitted through oral-fecal contact that can occur through anal stimulation by mouth.

Using a male condom or dental dam can help reduce the risk of STI transmission during oral sex if one partner is infected. It’s also important to talk with a partner before any sexual contact about STI testing, protection, and past sexual histories. We know this can be difficult sometimes, but we hope you’ll find it that taking away the risk of STIs makes for a positive sexual experience.

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