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Are abortions free and can I get one if I'm under 18?

Boulder Valley Women's Health provides abortions, but they are not offered at the same pricing scale as other services offered by Teen Clinic. Here is some information about the law in Colorado:

In Colorado, minors do not need parental consent to receive an abortion. However, state law does require that they notify their parents/guardian beforehand.  A minor can choose to notify their parents themselves (with a certification form), or they may choose to have their  abortion provider send notification by certified mail. They may also ask a judge to excuse them from this requirement, particularly if telling their parents would place them in danger.

Pricing is going to look different at different clinics, but many places offer financial assistance.

If you are pregnant and need to discuss your options you can call us at 303-442-5160.

You can also visit to find information and clinics near you.

I had an abortion about a month ago. Out of curiosity, I recently took a pregnancy test and it said positive. Three days after the abortion, I started on the pill. I take it every day but not at the same time. Sometimes I forget but take it a couple of hours late.  I had unprotected sex two weeks after the abortion.  Is there any way I could have gotten pregnant?

What is the first step after finding out you're pregnant but can't tell your parents?

Teen Clinic is here for you!  We know it can be scary to learn you’re pregnant. The first step is to connect with someone you trust who will support you. If you don't feel comfortable talking about it with someone you know, there are a variety of free, unbiased hotlines you can call to talk about your options. These include All Options and Option Line.

Whether you decide to pursue parenting, consider adoption, or end your pregnancy, Teen Clinic will give you a safe place to connect with the next step.  Give us a call to make an appointment. You’re welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointment; we’re also able to meet with your family or partner if you need help having this discussion.

Can you still get an abortion if you're four months pregnant?

Yes. In Colorado, there are no restrictions on when an abortion can be performed. While some clinics in the state choose not to perform abortions at four months, others do offer this service. To find a quality provider, visit

During pregnancy, the body produces high levels of human gonadotropic hormone, or HCG.  Urine pregnancy tests work by measuring whether or not HCG is present.  Because HCG levels rise quickly at the beginning of a pregnancy, HCG can still be present in the blood and urine for up to six weeks after a miscarriage or abortion procedure. This can cause a false positive on pregnancy tests.

It’s important that you take your pill within the same hour every day. Taking your pill late makes it less effective at preventing pregnancy! If you’re having trouble remembering to take your pill, consider other birth control options, like the NuvaRing, the DepoProvera shot, Implanon, or IUDs, which don’t require you to remember quite as often (or at all!).

And consider wearing condoms even though you’re on a hormonal birth control method. Condoms can help prevent infection; they also serve as a great back-up birth control.

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