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Generally, when people think of condoms, they think of external condoms (for the penis). External condoms provide a skin-to-skin barrier in addition to reducing any contact with bodily fluids (like semen, vaginal fluid and blood). Condoms and other barrier methods can help prevent an unexpected pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection.

Condom use is always encouraged, because other forms of birth control do NOT reduce the risk of STIs.

External condoms

A thin latex or polyurethane sheath that covers the penis. This type of condom can be used for oral, anal, and vaginal sex to help prevent pregnancy and/or STIs.

Check out the video made by our partners Boulder County AIDS Project that explains how to correctly use a condom!

Where can I get condoms and dental dams?

At Teen Clinic we offer them FREE! Otherwise you can find condoms and dental dams at most pharmacies and grocery stores, typically near the menstrual products

Internal (female) condom

A soft, polyurethane pouch that is inserted into the vagina or anus.

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How it's used

Flexible rings at each end hold the pouch in place. The inner ring stays inside the vagina while the outer ring stays outside over the vulva. If used for anal sex, remove the inner ring and insert the condom into the anus gently with a finger. Be sure the outer ring stays outside the anus at all times.

The internal condom should only be used ONE time and then discarded. It is pre-lubricated, but extra lubricant is recommended. It may be inserted up to 8 hours before sex.

How well does it work?

On average, the internal condom is 79% effective at preventing pregnancy. If used correctly and consistently, it is 98% effective.

Dental dams

A dental dam is a square of latex used for oral sex on a vagina or anus.

How it's used

The dam is placed over the vagina or anus to provide a barrier between the genitalia and the mouth. Dental dams reduce the risk of transmitting an STI through the exchange of fluids and skin contact during oral sex

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