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I got my first Depo shot last month and I've had a weird period/spotting for the past two weeks. I waited the required 7 days after I got the shot but I'm worried i'm pregnant now. What does the bleeding mean?

The most common side effect of the Depo Provera shot is spotting or a change in your period. This is especially true the first few months after you start getting the shots. The reason for this is that the hormones in the shot make the lining of the uterus thinner, causing some spotting/irregular bleeding. It sounds like this is what's causing the spotting you're experiencing.


If you continue getting your shots on time, you'll be over 99% protected from getting pregnant, even if your partner ejaculates inside you. However, if you're concerned about pregnancy, we'd recommend taking a pregnancy test. That's the only way to know for sure if you're pregnant.

Does the Depo prevent STIs?​

No. None of the hormonal methods of birth control prevent STIs. Condoms and dental dams are the best way to prevent STIs. 

I heard the shot causes bone problems. ​

People who use the Depo Provera shot may experience temporary bone thinning. This increases the longer they use the shot.  Bone density usually comes back after a person stops using the shot, except in people who have already reached menopause. To protect your bones, make sure to not smoke, limit your alcohol intake, get regular exercise and eat calcium-rich foods (or take calcium supplements).

Hi I was on the depo shot for 3 months, I was supposed to go this month to get my 2nd round of the shot but I decided I didn't want to be on it anymore. I've been off it for a couple days. Me and my boyfriend had sex today and he cummed in me. Is there a chance I could get pregnant ?

Since you didn't get your next shot, you were no longer protected and there is a risk for pregnancy. We recommend taking a form of emergency contraception such as Plan B. Plan B works best the sooner you take it, but you can take it up to 5 days after unprotected sex and it may still be effective. Plan B stops ovulation from happening. 


You could also consider starting a different form of birth control. If you didn't like the Depo shot, there are other methods you could try as well! Give Teen Clinic a call if you want to make an appointment to discuss your options: 303-442-5160

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