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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an appointment?

Call us! For both our Longmont and Boulder locations, call the same number: 303.442.5160. For details on making an appointment, click here.

What public transportation can I use to get to the clinic?

There are several bus routes – 205, 208, the Bound and the Bolt

Teen Clinic in Longmont is a short walk from several Longmont bus routes — 323, 324, 327, and the Bolt.

You can use the RTD Trip Planner to get customized public transportation directions from your starting point.

Is it really confidential?

Yes! Colorado law requires that we keep all our patients’ health information private and confidential, regardless of age. You don’t need a parent or guardian’s permission to get tested for STIs or start a birth control method. Any care you receive at Teen Clinic cannot be shared with anyone. The only time we have to break confidentiality is if a patient under 18 reports an incident of sexual assault or abuse. In these cases we are mandatory reporters (just like your teachers and counselors). If we have to report something, we can provide support and care throughout the process.

If I'm 18 can I still go to Teen Clinic?

Yes!  Teen Clinic offers services to anyone under the age of 20. Once you turn 20, we welcome you at our adult clinic in Boulder!

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes, patients can bring a friend, family member, or partner with them to Teen Clinic so they feel more comfortable.

However, we will bring you back to the room alone during the actual appointment

If I need a refill on my birth control, do I need to make an appointment?

Nope! If you have a current prescription at Teen Clinic and need to pick up more birth control, you can walk in at either location any time we’re open. 


What if I can't make it during Teen Clinic hours?

No problem! Teens can come in any time we’re open, not just Teen Clinic hours.

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