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Can you get an IUD as a minor without parental consent?

Yes! You can get an IUD for no cost if you’re 17 or younger, and it’s totally confidential. Your parents do not need to consent, but we do encourage everyone to seek out a trusted adult that they can ask about sexual health and other sensitive topics. If you’re 18 or 19, the IUD isn’t free but is still very cheap. Feel free to call us to set up an appointment and talk to a provider about the IUD option that works best for you.

How long after getting an IUD do I have to wait to have sex?

The Paragard, which is the only non-hormonal IUD, will  be effective right away; however, all hormonal forms of birth control take 1 week to become effective.  This includes hormonal IUDs. During this week, it's really important to either abstain from sex or to use condoms. 

Are IUDs bad for your body?

IUDs have been studied for many decades and are totally safe. Like all medications, however, there can be risks associated with IUDs. 

In rare cases an IUD can slip out of the uterus, either all the way out or just a little bit. If this happens, you can get pregnant. You'll feel some pain and may have abnormal discharge, so it's important to call your medical provider in this situation. If the IUD only comes out part of the way, a nurse or doctor has to remove it.


If you use a menstrual cup, be very careful when you're removing it. It can be helpful to squeeze the cup before removing it to release the air and avoid any suction that might occur (which could potentially make your IUD  move).  If you do decide to use a menstrual cup, you need to check your IUD strings monthly, and contact your nurse or doctor if your IUD strings are missing.

While the chances are slim, it is technically possible to get pregnant even if your IUD is in the right spot. If you get pregnant, a nurse or doctor will need to remove your IUD as soon as possible. If you get pregnant with an IUD in place, there’s an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy and other serious health problems.

It’s possible to get an infection if bacteria gets into your uterus when the IUD is put in. If the infection isn't treated, it may make it harder for you to get pregnant in the future.

When the IUD is put in, it could push through the wall of your uterus. This sounds painful, but it usually doesn't hurt. But if this happens, you may need surgery to remove the IUD. However, this is very rare.

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