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Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

An IUD is long term, reversible method of birth control that is extremely effective at preventing pregnancy. There are two types of IUDs: hormonal and non-hormonal. Hormonal IUDs work by releasing hormones to prevent ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus. The Paragard, a non-hormonal IUD, immobilizes sperm and makes it harder for them to reach the egg. IUDs do not affect your ability to get pregnant in the future.

How it's used

A T-shaped device, either plastic (hormonal) or Copper (non-hormonal) is placed in in the uterus.  Hormonal IUDs last for up to 3-7 years depending on the type. Paragard works effectively for up to 12 years.

How well does it work?

Hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs are over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, making one of the best forms of protection (aside from abstinence).

How do I get one?

IUDs must be inserted and removed by a medical provider. It’s important to visit with a medical provider to ensure an IUD is right for you, so please make an appointment if you're interested!

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