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Is it bad to masturbate a lot?

Frequent masturbation does not cause any physical harm. As long as you're doing it privately (or with someone who has consented to being with you while you do it), it is a safe and healthy way to explore your sexuality. However, if masturbation begins to interfere with your normal activities and/or your social and familial relationships, that's when it can become problematic. Make sure that you're leading a balanced life and not letting masturbation get in the way of healthy activities you would normally be doing. 

Can you get any STIs from masturbating?​

Masturbating is a great way to explore your sexuality without the risk of getting pregnant or getting an STI. The only way it would be possible for someone to get an STI from masturbating would be if a person used a sex toy (like a vibrator) that hadn't been properly washed. The toy would have to have been used by someone who had an STI and got sexual fluids on the toy.

Can girls masturbate?

Absolutely! It is a normal, safe, and healthy way for anyone to explore their sexuality.  There isn't one right way to masturbate; everyone finds pleasure in their own ways.

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