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It is safe to take Plan B while you have the nexplanon?

It is safe, but taking Plan B if you have the Nexplanon is not necessary. Nexplanon is over 99%  effective at preventing pregnancy, even if your partner ejaculates inside you. While it won't cause any long-term harm, Plan B can make you feel nauseous, cause breast tenderness, and delay your next period. There's no reason to put your body through that if you already have the Nexplanon. 

Is it normal to not get your period when you have the Nexplanon? Does it still work if you're not getting your period?

Yes! Many people stop getting their period within the first year of getting the Nexplanon; it's a very common side effect and is not harmful to the body. And yes, the implant is effective no matter where you are in your menstrual cycle. The only time it has reduced effectiveness is the first 7 days after you initially get it. After that, you don't have to worry about anything influencing how effective it is. 

I got the Nexplanon 5 days ago and had sex without a condom last night. Could I be pregnant?

There is a risk of pregnancy in this situation because you have to wait at least 7 days before having unprotected sex when you first get the Nexplanon (or any other hormonal methods, such as the pill, hormonal IUDs, and the Depo shot). We recommend getting Plan B or a generic brand of emergency contraception. You can get it at most pharmacies and grocery stores. You can also come into our clinic (no appointment needed!) to get it at a discounted rate. 

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