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I am on the nuvaring and this is my second month using it. On the third week of using it my boyfriend and I were having sex and the ring came out. About 4 minutes later I put it right back in. The next day he ejaculated inside of me. Could I be pregnant? How long can the ring be out of your body? 

If you have been using the NuvaRing as instructed, putting it in on time, and reinserting it if it pops out, you should still be 99% protected. As long as you put it back in within 3 hours, you’ll still be protected from pregnancy.


If the ring has been out of your vagina for more than 3 hours (and you’re not on your ring-free week), wash the ring in cool water and put it back in right away. For the next 7 days, use a condom to prevent pregnancy if you have vaginal sex. 

Won't my partner be able to feel the ring when we have sex?

They might! It depends on the placement of the ring and how high up it is. The ring is made of a material that is soft and not abrasive. Most people will just get used to how it feels during intercourse (if they feel it at all).

Can I still use tampons if I have a NuvaRing?

Yes! If you're bleeding or spotting when you put in a new ring, that's normal. You can safely use tampons, menstrual cups, and pads with your NuvaRing in (just be careful not to pull the ring out when you remove a tampon or menstrual cup).

Am I still protected from pregnancy the week my NuvaRing is out? ​

If you have been using the NuvaRing as instructed and putting it in on time, you will still be protected during the week the ring is not in your vagina.

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