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What is the minimum age to get birth control?

There is no minimum age to buy condoms. For hormonal methods of birth control, there isn't a minimum age BUT you have to have gotten your first period (in other words, you have to have started puberty). The synthetic hormones in birth control alter the menstrual cycle (in people who have gotten their period), so if a person got one inserted before getting their first period, it would mask the normal puberty process and it would be hard to determine where that person was at in their adolescent development.

When will my body stop developing?​

It's different for everyone! Most boys begin puberty between the ages of 9 and 14, while in girls the changes can start between the ages of 8 and 13. In terms of when puberty ends, it can vary a lot. On average, puberty lasts 2-5 years. 

Factors that could affect the duration of puberty include your genetics and family history, your overall health and lifestyle (including stress, diet, and exercise), your hormones, and the environment you live in. 

Why do girls get a clear sticky fluid in their underwear if they haven't gotten their period yet? ​

Bodies start to produce vaginal discharge during puberty, even before a first period. This is totally normal and is caused by the changing level of hormones in the body. This discharge helps keep the vagina healthy.

Do teen boys everntually stop masturbating after they're done with puberty? Is this healthy/normal?​

There's no "normal" time for a person to start or stop masturbating. Some people might choose to stop after puberty and some people might continue to masturbate their whole lives, and both are totally normal.

How do I know when puberty has ended for me? I'm a guy age 15. ​

It varies from person to person! When you finish puberty generally you will stop getting taller, or grow taller at a slower rate. You may have facial hair, and it's common to have pubic hair and genitals that resemble the genitals of an adult

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