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How does pregnancy happen?

Generally, pregnancy happens through vaginal intercourse. In order for pregnancy to be possible, semen (ejaculate or cum) must enter the female body through the vagina. Therefore, vaginal sex is the only type of sex that can lead to pregnancy. It is not possible through oral or anal sex. 

Some people have a hard time getting pregnant through intercourse, so there are some methods to assist people with the reproductive process. The main form of this is known as in-vitro fertilization

If you get a vasectomy, do you still cum?​

Yes. A vasectomy is a procedure in which the small tubes in the scrotum that carry sperm are cut or blocked off, so sperm can’t leave the body and cause pregnancy. After a person gets a vasectomy, sperm cells stay in the testicles and are absorbed by the body. Starting about 3 months after a vasectomy, the semen won’t contain any sperm, so it can’t cause pregnancy. But the amount of semen the person used to produce won't change; there just won’t be any sperm in it. Vasectomies don’t change the way having an orgasm or ejaculating (cumming) feels.

I'm on the Nexplanon and my boyfriend didn't pull out when we had sex yesterday. Do I need to get Plan B?

No, Plan B would not be necessary if you've had the Nexplanon for longer than one week. You are over 99% protected from pregnancy even if your boyfriend ejaculates inside you. 

If you got the Nexplanon less than a week ago, your body has not fully adapted to the hormones yet and we'd recommend you get Plan B).

When I get done with puberty will my cum be white?​

Sometimes a person's cum can become slightly thicker and a bit whiter after puberty, since that's when sperm production increases. If you are concerned about the color of your cum, please contact your doctor.

Can a guy remove previous ejaculation by urinating? ​

Urinating before having vaginal sex might wash away some semen, but it is NOT a method of birth control. Sperm can still come in contact with the vagina during penetrative sex even if ejaculate from a prior sex act was washed off. 

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