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Sexual Health Awareness and Peer Education

SHAPE is a youth-directed peer education program focused on educating youth about sexual health topics such as contraception, STIs, healthy relationships, gender/sexuality, and sexual violence. It is grounded in positive youth development, an approach that recognizes and enhances young people's strengths and provides support that enables them to become leaders in their communities.

SHAPE meets every other Wednesday from 5-7pm. Members learn the most current and relevant information regarding sexual health, and are then trained to become peer-educators. SHAPErs often accompany the Education & Outreach team to schools to facilitate classroom presentations, and are regarded as experts in sexual health that their peers can turn to for accurate information and support .

Throughout the year, SHAPErs are active in outreach initiatives related to Boulder Valley Women's Health. These include lobbying for reproductive freedom at the State Capitol, tabling at the Womxn's March, and representing the clinic at various other community events.


To be eligible, you must:

-Be in high school

-Commit to attending meetings every other Wed from 5-7 pm in Boulder

-Attend two weekend-long retreats throughout the year

-Fill out an application at 

Email for more information! Se habla español.

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