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Why is my ball sack darker than the rest of my skin? Also I have these small bumps near my penis and I was wondering if that's a problem.

It's normal for your scrotum to be a little darker than the rest of your skin. Some people’s scrotums are longer and hang lower, while others sit up a little higher. Scrotums are usually wrinkly and covered with hair. In terms of the bumps, many people have lots of tiny, painless bumps on their scrotum or penis shaft. These are called Fordyce spots — they’re totally normal and don’t cause any health problems.

How many balls do most people have?​


There are usually 2 testicles, and they're kind of an oval shape, like the shape of eggs. Most of the time one testicle hangs lower than the other, or one testicle is a little bigger than the other one. But sometimes they’re even. Either way is totally normal.

Is "blue balls" really a thing?

Nope. Some people use the term "blue balls" as slang to refer to an uncomfortable feeling in the penis/testicles that may occur when you don’t ejaculate after being very turned on. But the balls do not turn blue and this sensation is not dangerous.

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