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I had sex with my boyfriend a couple days ago and now it burns whenever I pee and after for a while, and I've had to pee more frequently. I'm worried I have an infection. 

A burning sensation when you urinate could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or other infection, but the only way to know for sure is to be seen by a medical provider. They can do a urine test to see if any bacteria or viruses are present.

When you squirt is there pee in it? And if so how much pee is in it?

There isn't really a clear answer to this! Some research shows that there's a little bit of pee in female ejaculate (the fluid that you "squirt") but other studies show that it's just vaginal fluid. So don't be alarmed if it feels like pee, that's pretty common. And there isn't a "normal" amount; everyone's reaction to pleasure is different.

How accurate is the urine pregnancy test? ​

If taken at least 14 days after last sexual contact OR after missing a full period, pregnancy tests are approximately 99% accurate. 

Why do they say to pee after sex? ​

Peeing after sexual intercourse is a way to flush out some of the bacteria that may be present in sexual fluids that were exchanged during sex. It can be helpful in preventing urinary tract infections because peeing cleanses the urethra area. Remember that peeing after sex is NOT a way to prevent STI transmission. Only condoms and dental dams do that.

If I had a urine pregnancy test at a hospital would they call me if I had any STIs?​

They would not necessarily just test for STIs, you would need to have that conversation ahead of time. If you want to get tested you can give us a call at 303-442-5160

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