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What does it  mean to lose your virginity?

It depends! Virginity is not actually a medical term; it just means having never had sex. That mean different things to different people. For example, many people think you “lose your virginity” when you have vaginal sex. Others think that you lose your virginity if you have other kinds of sexual activity, like oral sex or anal sex. Every person gets to decide what virginity means to them. 

If both  my partner and me are virgins, do we have to get tested for STIs?​

If you've never had any kind of sex (oral, vaginal, or anal), then it is not necessary to get tested. But remember that people define virginity differently, and STIs can be transmitted through any type of sexual activity. 

Will a doctor be able to tell if I'm a virgin or not? ​

Nope. The only way a doctor can tell is if they ask you. 

If I use tampons does that mean I'm not a virgin anymore? ​

Absolutely not. Remember, virginity is something that everyone gets to define for themselves. If you are referring to tampons breaking the hymen, it is true that this can happen (and it's very possible you won't even feel it). But the condition of the hymen has absolutely nothing to do with virginity.

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